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Corinth Baptist Church

At Corinth, “From the Word to the World” is more than a motto, its our passion.  We are a people dedicated to giving God the glory due His name.  God’s glory is revealed through most clearly through the Word made flesh, Jesus Christ and revealed specifically through His written word, the Bible.  The Word is what created all things (John 1:3).  The Word is what gives us life in Christ through faith (Rom. 10:17).  The Word is what grows us in Christ (John 17:17).

Because of this, we are dedicated to worship and ministries that are faithful to and promote growth in the Word. We are committed to expository preaching, (primarily verse-by-verse through books of the Bible).  We are committed to sing songs that are rich in content and not just what’s popular, well-known, or from any particular style.  Our Children’s and Youth Ministries revolve around helping parents disciple their children in the Word.  And we strive to be immediately obedient to what we see in the Word of God.

At Corinth, we recognize that obedience doesn’t stop at the doors of our church building. We believe every member is a valuable minister, using his or her gifts to take the Word to the world!  We are a people that are committed to getting the Gospel to Laurel Co., Southeast Ky, our nation, and the unreached peoples of the world. We are active in living on mission not just talking about it.

We would invite you to join us for a worship service very soon. If you would like to know what to expect when you come, please click here for more information.

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